The Faces of Madness
February 17th, 2015

The Faces of Madness

Not really a comic, but I thought I’d draw out the potential ways I may choose to portray my particular flavor of madness for that day.

Usually I’ll stick with the standard in the lower right hand corner, with the stand curved triangular blob body. Occasionally when drawing these, I don’t feel like I’m flexing my drawing muscles enough, so I’ll try something else.

One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I really don’t enjoy drawing complicated hair. I instead tend to place heavy weight on facial expression and sometimes the hands to convey what I’m saying. As silly as it seems, I often have to re-position eyebrows and mouths often for the right “flavor” I’m looking for.

While the visuals are definitely a big part, I’m really just trying to ‘animate’ conversations I’ve had. Drawing conversations by themselves seems like a silly enough idea, so I use what little scribbling I do to get the point across. In the end, my comics are just really text. I’ll have wordless ones on occasion, but the text alone could probably give you the gist of it. But that doesn’t really make much for a comic blog, so I spend a lot of time drawing, redrawing, and making sure everything fits.

Thanks for indulging for lazy attempt at laziness.

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Daily Illini Spring 2012 Illustrations

And I’m done. A school year’s worth of illustrations.

And so it begins again…

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2012 New Year’s Resolutions

Here’s the old one:

1. I have indeed lost more weight. Went as low as 163, but currently hovering around 168. MINOR SUCCESS.
2. I technically got a couple new “jobs” but I’m still at the university. Cold cold winterland. 🙁 FAILURE.
3. I did read some pretty awesome books in the past year. I’ll prolly post something about them at some point. (No I won’t.) SUCCESS!
4. I drew more comics. SUCCESS? But nowhere near a hundred. I counted, and it looks like I hit 72 this past year. FAILURE.

I could probably afford to lose more weight. I should really do some more exercise. My current goal is to hit 150 pounds, and once I do that, figure out a comfortable weight for myself. IM SO FAT.

And I had a good excuse (not really) for not drawing those comics. I’ve been drawing illustrations for the local student newspaper, so I had exhausted my artistic intentions meant for comic-ing. I drew 52 of them, so that’s worth something, no? But yeah. I’d like to draw more comics. In fact, I’d almost like to do away with these posts and pretty much publish my blog exclusively through pretty pictures. Unfortunately, it’s much easier to say, “That guy sucks major goat balls,” than to depict it in comic form.

So, time for a new set. One I’ll hopefully be more diligent at:

1. Lose more weight, reach 150 lbs. Gain sexiness.
2. Achieve my long-time goal of 100 consecutive pushups.
3. Find a new job darn it! And somewhere awesome!
4. Draw more comics. (Let’s go for a hundred again.)
5. Earn a hundred dollars using my creative talents.

So once again, THE GAME IS ON.

Daily Illini Fall 2011 Illustrations

The semester is just about over, so I’ve gallery-ed (if that’s a word) the drawings I’ve done for the opinions columns. Enjoy.

Illini 4000

So based on my comic, I ended up having a good time..She thinks that merits a favor.

And indeed it does.

As it happens, she’s biking across the country with Illini 4000 this summer.
It’s a ride to raise awareness about cancer.
In addition to that, they’re fundraising $3,500 each before the ride to donate to cancer research and support groups.

Something like this, but cooler looking and for a good cause.

More info at the team site here:
Her own little blog:
Give them money.

And yes, I stole your email almost word for word.

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