Drawing people with breasts – 2

So, here’s some more. (No, I’m not drawing fat men.) Although I think I could develop faces on my own, for this post and the one before, I used a photo reference for the face. It helps to have a proper model to get the proper perspective on the eyes. You can also steal lighting schemes from photos and save yourself a lot of trouble. As for the bodies themselves, they are the products of my sick, twisted imagination. How do I find clothing/color suggestions? The outside world, for one. Time to time, an outfit will catch my attention and sometimes I’ll remember it long enough to scribble it somewhere.

Anyway, here we are. I started out with a circle again, plopped in a head of sorts, and gave a preliminary sketch for the body. You can also see some of my eye failures concepts at the top. Funny thing is, I was starting out with a guy first. I ended up with a girl. Fail. It happens. One second you’re drawing a turtle, the next you have a toaster.


I know the collar is hideously disproportioned, but this was the best I could do without posing myself in front of the mirror. I think it looks pretty good though. Now if you’ll look in the upper right of the 2nd picture, that’s about as close to a full wire frame I’ll get. It helps to have a little model for the body before you waste your time drawing the big one realizing it won’t work.

Like I described in the previous post, I cleaned up the lines and laid out the basic colors. I painted on some shades and highlights, just to help get a “feel” of the face’s shape. One thing I learned was that shading doesn’t just happen in shades of gray. If you actually poke around tutorials, you’ll learn about things like luminosity and how light/shadows can alter the color saturation of a surface. In my opinion, it’s better to just copy what you see others do rather than learn all the reasoning and technicalities behind it. This is especially important for organic surfaces. (Like skin.) So in other words, avoid shading skin with pure grays.


Didn’t like the skin color. Made it lighter. Shirt needed to be more happy. Added more happy. Boosted smile power by 2 points. Tie? I did something to it. I also started fidgeting around with the eyes. I have a tendency to focus on faces and hands. (mostly to make up for the lack in ability in drawing anything else – heh.) So with that mindset, I also figure that if those parts look reeeel gooood, people won’t criticize the other parts so much. 🙂

For the final image, I shaped the eyes better, along with some other minor facial alterations. Added shadows to the shirt, matched the skin tone of the arms to the face, and spilled some yellow paint in the background. Done!


I think it came out rather well. I’d like to reduce my dependence on dark outlines, but I don’t know how to get rid of them in a timely manner while preserving shape. For your viewing pleasure, here’s a closeup on the face. Lip highlights FTW!


Side post, I finished my first final. 2 finals and 1 paper left. Wish me luck!

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Discussion (4)¬

  1. t. hubb says:

    you must have albums and folders full of self-drawn hentai.

  2. Brian says:

    Definite LOL at the first response.

    Neat drawing otherwise. I still have difficulty not drawing anime-style.

  3. t. hubb says:

    his silence reeks of shame.

  4. Jimbo says:

    Rofl. I wish I had that level of competency.