I got me browns.

brownshoesI bought myself some shoes. They’ll be here in a couple of days. They’re called the Graduate. How fitting, no?

Made by Rocket Dog, sold by Shoes.com, purchased through Amazon. I managed to nab the shoes for 62 dollars shipped – the most I’ve paid for shoes yet. Amazon has a 20 dollar off coupon for Shoes.com purchases over 80 dollars. If you go directly to Shoes.com, they are currently running a promotion where you get 10% off on shoes, but 20% off on shoes already marked down. ‘Tis a good time for shoe buying, methinks.

Hopefully they’ll be keepers. More fotos as I get em.

Edit 7/25: Shoes too big. Apparently they follow the Converse scale for their shoes. Luckily, Shoes.com offers free returns!! <3

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  1. They look nice. How long can you get out of them.