Building my Luck

While many people would consider playing the lottery as folly, I see it a bit differently. Yes, the chance of winning the big prize is next to nil. However, until you buy that ticket, your chance is none. I like to live my life by this difference.

I’ve always been a consistent scratch-off ticket winner. Over time, I have ended up being ~50-60 up. Last year or so, I won a 77 prize on a dollar scratch-off ticket, tipped my two friends a $10 bill each and pocketed the rest. By chance, I should’ve been losing about ~4 dollars for every dollar I win. And by that same chance, I ended up on top. Lucky.

Yesterday, I finally managed to win a real sum of money through the regular lottery tickets. Ever since winning that $77 scratch-off prize, I’ve been buying meself some quick pick tickets each week. I’ve won a couple dollars here and there, highest being 7 dollars on a Mega Millions ticket. However, I was losing money. Until just yesterday, I was about $50 in the hole. I had purchased a total of ~90 tickets, 40 or so of those tickets being ones that I had bought with those small winnings. A waste of money, right?

But then I checked one of my tickets I had bought the previous week. It was a Little Lotto ticket, whose jackpots start at $100,000. Like the other lottery tickets, (Mega millions, Lotto) it only costs a dollar. I checked the ticket numbers late yesterday night, and saw that I had matched 4 out of 5 numbers. I checked the payout. $100 dollars. Not bad. One number short of $150,000, but hey, money is money. I was now positive in lottery tickets as well.

Gave Jacob and Gramu a call once I found out. I’m sure they are believers of my luck now. Specially Gramu. He knows my power.

In the end all this really does, besides padding my pocket a little, is strengthen my confidence in my undeniable good luck. I won good money in Vegas. Who knows how many people had to lose for that?

The evidence is clear. I’m a consistent winner.

Even with the recent jobless/moneyless/futureless situation, I knew things would work out, even when there was no reason to. And they did. Things always do work for me. It’s not optimism. It’s confidence in my own self. I am lucky. It’s something I carry a firm absolute confidence in. Those on the outside will never see it, but I’m sure those close to me know it.

I’m not filthy rich, nor did I win millions of dollars. I haven’t landed my dream job, nor do I live in my dream city. But I know. I’ll always win. I can feel it in my bones. You’d be silly not to bet on me.

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Discussion (3)¬

  1. t. hubb says:

    Remember when I won $2500 playing my first lotto ticket in Freshman year?

  2. Jimbo says:

    I do remember you telling me that. Pretty bad ass.

  3. cathy says:

    beat the odds…

    right in the face!