I like that friends care and all, but sometimes you guys are so, so wrong.
After living some 22 years on this planet, I’ve since learned that my friends often expect me to be a shining beacon of energy and joy. So obviously when I’m tired, I’m actually severely depressed.

“Hey, What’s up?”
“I’m just a bit tired.”
“You can talk to me, you know.”
“Huh? I’m tired, that’s all.”
“Just talk to me, you can trust me.”
“What are you going about? I’m fine!”
“Come on, you don’t have to keep it all in.”
“I said I’m fine! What else can I say?!”
“You can tell me what’s bothering you.”

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  1. t. hubb says:

    This is the point where you are able to get money from them. Or take a dump on their shoes. While they’re still wearing them.

  2. Pax aurelius says:

    Can I use this picture for a scientific paper? thanks