Google Phone Interview

Google Phone Interview

I threw in an application to Google over Memorial day weekend. And to my surprise, I got a request for a phone interview. I was pretty pumped, until a coworker told me to read the news. I hadn’t been keeping up recently, so when I hopped on Google Fast Flip to see the news, I was crushed.

“Google ditches Windows on security concerns”
“Google to ditch Windows, moves to Linux”
“Google Ditches Windows Company Wide”

And being in an IT office dealing almost completely with Windows systems, I was ruined. I thought I would have nothing to talk about.

In the end, it didn’t turn out too bad, and I later received an invitation for an onsite interview. I’ll be writing a more comprehensive blog post detailing my interview experience later.

Side note: Technically at this time my hair should have been around level 5 or 6 but I used my current hairstyle instead. (easier to draw!)

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