You know the feeling, when you’re on the cusp, but you don’t know whether or not you’ll get more? It’s a gamble.

A gamble I bet many have lost before.

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  1. […] Was originally gonna be a comic post, but I figured as it’s mostly text, I’ll just post it here instead. It saves me the trouble of changing all the facial expressions. And seeing as it is mostly text, I’ll spare you any more blabbing. The particular comic being mentioned is: Chunky. […]

    • Fannie says:

      This post is a perfect example of extneimrepal success in the kitchen!For broccolini: I’ve found my favorite way to prepare it is to sautee with a dash of olive oil and a pat of butter, garlic, finished with a squeeze of lemon. Really simply served with fresh egg noodles = satisfying, light winter meal.

    • I will note that you only have seven degrees of freedom in your samples for each ammo brand. N – 2. Is any chance that data with a larger sample might exhibit some funky multinomial distribution? I have been pondering that all morning. Obviously it should not as anything outside of half a standard deviation should not arise with modern manufacture, but in a large enough sampling would it begin to approach a more multinomail instead of standard distribution. I also prefer the CV ratio due to an abnormal love of stabdarding units. Excellent analytical post!