The Tiger Rising

The Tiger Rising

So I was in my building, heading up the stairs to resolve a trouble ticket. A older individual, passes me by, heading down.


But as he does, he drops a bomb. I don’t know if there ever have been measurements for this sort of thing, but it was GALE force. I think I was hit by a small sonic boom. Normally, this would elicit a small chuckle from me, but this particular travesty was so devastatingly horrid, I could not help but look back at him as he head down the stairs. I gave him my best stinkeye.

It was unwise to linger, lest my clothes melt, so I continued to head up the stairs. But IT followed. I was on the next floor, but it was still there. I had to visit a room on the top floor, so I quickened my pace up the stairs. Still, I could gather hints of it ebbing around me. I dashed up to the 5th floor hoping i would be free, but there was no escape until I opened the door and left the stairwell. Freaking monster.

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Discussion (2)¬

  1. buretto says:

    lawlz. I’ve had some like that before. They’re like heat seeking missiles.

  2. T. Hubb says:

    Rofl. You needed to breathe in deeply. Feel the power.