Glowing Savior

Glowing Savior

Had this dream on Monday before I woke up.

I fall down but recover my bearings. I sit up straight and cover my eyes from the bright light ahead. I squint, but it is still too bright. Shallow cuts, almost like cat scratches, line my skin. I know I am hurt and bleeding, but I am not in pain. I look to face the person before me. She is wearing a bright teal/turqoise color that wants to be white – if that makes sense. I can only see her eyes in her bright radiant face. Her eyes are completely bright white. (Don’t ask me how I can see her eyes. It’s a dream.) She is holding something long in her hand that goes into her outfit. She is looking down at me, an says to me in an annoyed voice, “Now this is the third time I’ve saved you.” (something like that- can’t even remember correctly anymore.

Then I wake up.

Remembered it well enough to share.

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  1. Vandal Thorne says:

    You’ve been watching Conan the Barbarian too often lately…

  2. Matthias says:

    Or you watched the beginning of Yumekui Merri. Not exactly the same (Merri doesn’t shine, at least most of the time, and she isn’t large) but the dream-stuff fits.
    I think everyone has strange dreams sometimes. Too bad you forget so much of it when you wake up.