Daily Illini Spring 2012 Illustrations

Discussion (6)¬

  1. Disney says:

    Hey hey hey, take a gadner at what’ you’ve done

  2. SehAnru, An interesting and great post! This goes to show that the BDSM lifestyle is as diverse as those involved.I do have a question on something you mentioned: the word “little” being used to describe yourself…. “I also came to realize that I am a little. ” ….could you please explain?Thank you,pleasure

  3. Is the update link about the self-immolation of a mentally disturbed woman at the Mall of America intended as a metaphor of the US bread and circus economy calmly walking towards oblivion? To extrapolate, one could interpret it as a personification of the inevitable obliteration of North American Malthusianism in its attempt to burn down the market.

  4. Hubs knows better than to bring me flowers. I don’t see the point of ripping a beautiful living thing out of the ground to bring it inside to die. Silly really. It did take him YEARS to learn this though. LOLVisiting from Over 40 hop!

  5. screen. As an industry we need to put more emphasis on user research – understanding “what do people want as they watch TV?” What kind of experiences scale for different types of TV

  6. Glöm datummärkning – litar du också blint på ”bäst före” datumet? Gör inte det. I många fall (inte alla dock) går det alldeles utmärkt att äta maten efter att bäst före datumet har gått ut. Använd dina sinnen: titta, känn, lukta och smaka! Var logisk.