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Making Changes

im doing a little remodeling, the old posts may be unavailable for a bit.

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Oh crap. I broke the interwebs.

For some reason my backup refuses to cooperate with me. I may not be able to restore the old posts after all! Bah!

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What the? Comic?

Yeah. I’m very much a visual person, and I learned of this nifty theme for wordpress that lets you post comics as well. So now I can post normally as I have been before, while also including a comic every now and then. Lovely aint it?

I’ll somehow try to get the older posts restored. It would be a shame if I lost them.

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Visual Kei

Is it just me, or does it seem like the members of those Japanese visual kei bands only get younger as the years pass? Take GLAY for example. They’re not really part of the whole visual kei schtuff, but the only thing that’s really changed for them over the years is that they’ve become more sexually ambiguous.

I dunno, maybe I’m crazy.

On Wine

What is good wine? When I took my first sip of a red wine, I was expecting something that resembled grape juice and alcohol. Instead, my tongue met an angry concoction that tasted like burning rubber soles. I don’t taste the grapes anymore. I smell that grapes USED to be part of the drink, but over time have been changed into something that resembles drain run off after some acid rain.

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