Osama Bin Laden

osama paint

Drew this for a sample article for the Daily Illini. Here’s just the face- note the triangular shape!

And as anyone who draws can tell you, people with distinct facial features are so much easier to draw. I think it looks like him. Mostly.

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another one o these.

floating head!!

I'm thinking her neck is a tad long.

Oops I left this one out. So this is the sketch finished.

Yeah it's too long. and her legs are short.

All those flowers drawn by hand. ugly though. bleh

Edit 7/8/2011:

Neck shrunk, some lines cleaned.

Now she’s holding something. I know the perspective is wrong. Shut up. It’s what happens when you’re weird like me, and you position hands before drawing the object itself. oh well.

f. I can’t draw clothes. I’m no good at showing fabric folds.

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Fort Hood Recap

So, this post is like 3 months slow, but you should be used to that by now. I’m too busy doing other obviously more important things.

So, here’s the summary:
Went down to Fort Hood, TX to set up a research center managed by the University of Illinois and funded by the Department of Defense. 25+ machines, 1 file server, new DHCP, 40+ users, terrible internet connectivity. Start to finish, was about 80 hours of work in exactly 7 days’ time. I started work the day I arrived and was finishing up within an hour of my departure flight at the local airport. No time for BBQ. 🙁

Did I mention I like clouds?

This was my office for a week.

I… shit. I failed at unpacking the server.

The Nature Conservancy!

Texas is very tan.

Stumbled across a Counter-Strike map. I think this one is de_dust.


And when I say poor network connectivity, I meant basically none. During my time there, I’d be lucky to get even dialup speeds.

Catchin’ some birds. The usual. Was invited over to a researcher’s home for lunch. Learned how to hold birds!

The birds were all like, “Be cool. Chill. Ch- SHIT SHIT SHIT GIANT HANDS SHIT!! Chill. Be cool.”

Bird gang symbols

Perhaps my only decent meal there. During my week long stay, I primarily sustained myself on premade sandwiches from Walmart.

Not really a fancy set of photos, I know. Unfortunately, this was pretty much ALL work and no play. Did catch some birds though.

Real Life Application

Was originally gonna be a comic post, but I figured as it’s mostly text, I’ll just post it here instead. It saves me the trouble of changing all the facial expressions. And seeing as it is mostly text, I’ll spare you any more blabbing. The particular comic being mentioned is: Chunky.

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Added some color too:

For fun, as usual. Haven't drawn many helmets like this before.

Goggles look a bit goofy. Meh.

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