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Making Changes

im doing a little remodeling, the old posts may be unavailable for a bit.

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Oh crap. I broke the interwebs.

For some reason my backup refuses to cooperate with me. I may not be able to restore the old posts after all! Bah!

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What the? Comic?

Yeah. I’m very much a visual person, and I learned of this nifty theme for wordpress that lets you post comics as well. So now I can post normally as I have been before, while also including a comic every now and then. Lovely aint it?

I’ll somehow try to get the older posts restored. It would be a shame if I lost them.

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Junior Year 50% Completo!

I’m done with finals. rawr! In the end, I must say, this semester went by real quick, even quicker than the previous ones. I don’t even think it was as much fun as the previous one either. In fact, it was a bit angry.

Anyway, some news: I’ve upgraded to the latest version of Comicpress, which has tag support! You can see the tag cloud over in the sidebar menu. Now you can see related (or what I deem related) posts to all your favorite topics. Fancy, no? Feel free to bring up any suggestions for taggings.

Some other news: A comic of mine has been Digg’d Dugg!

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Displaying Asian Text in WordPress

After I upgraded to 2.5, my East Asian text became all jumbled as random characters. If you were having problems displaying your characters properly like I was, all you need to do is access your wp-config.php file in your base WordPress directory. You want to delete the following lines of code from the file.

define(‘DB_CHARSET’, ‘utf8’);
define(‘DB_COLLATE’, ”);

They are located at the bottom of the first cluster. After that, save the changes and you should be good to go! 好好!

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