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On Wine

What is good wine? When I took my first sip of a red wine, I was expecting something that resembled grape juice and alcohol. Instead, my tongue met an angry concoction that tasted like burning rubber soles. I don’t taste the grapes anymore. I smell that grapes USED to be part of the drink, but over time have been changed into something that resembles drain run off after some acid rain.

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You evil, evil, evil people!

Code Geass 24/25. Absolute tease, but marvelously executed. I bow my head in defeat. Rawr!

Other news: Went to the library today. I was getting help from a librarian, when she asked me if I was in the Summer Reading Club or not. She saw the record of my recent reading rampage as she was performing a trace on a book I wanted. I told her I wasn’t, so she told me to sign up. Apparently all I needed to do was list 5 books (borrowed about 25. laff.) that I’ve read from the library between June 1st and July 31st and I could get myself a free t-shirt. Score!

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我的中文不高兴。 うぎゃ!

为什么?这个学期我学中文学得好了。まぁ。とにかく、たくさんを勉強した。但是,今年我学的中文没用了!我不能说跟我的女朋友。(シンプィフィドを勉強するから。) 她不知道我学了的汉字。中国語をたくさん勉強したけど、あまり使わないね。阿!对不起。我跟她会说中文,可是她不能看我写的中文。タイワンの中国語の話すのが中国と小名木から、まだはなせます。しことをするときに中国語をしなくちゃいけないけど、彼女と話したいだ。まぁぁ...話すのが書くよりもっと大切から、いいでしょう?加油。


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The spot you can never keep.

spot I’m sure everyone has struggled with this at least once (if not thousands of times) during their lives. I personally struggle with it quite often. It is a reminder of the impermanance of worldly pleasures and a sign that all good things eventually come to an end. This foe has no name, but it’s presence is widespread and devastating. The time has come to bring this evil to light.

You wake up from bed. There’s no real reason to get up so soon, so you decide to stay lying in bed. It is quiet, and you are feeling a peace that can only come from having lived through the pains of the modern world. The position you are lying in, it is not natural, but for some odd reason, it just works. In fact, it’s the most comfortable you’ve ever been. The blanket, bed, and pillow have molded around your body during the night, giving you a personal fit that is impossible to find anywhere else. You are warm, and you love your bed. It loves you back by holding you. You never want to leave this spot, and decide to stay right where you lie.

But then it strikes. You hear your alarm ring or some knocking at the door. Or maybe it’s a phone call or the need to go to the bathroom. Regardless of what it is, they all have the same motive. You must leave this spot, a place so blissful and warm, to deal with the world outside. You are reluctant, but you do slowly lift the covers off yourself. You lift yourself off very gently, lest the spot be disturbed. You run to whatever drew you away from your loving home. Task completed, you dash back to your bed. You reinsert yourself gently beneath the covers, taking care not to disturb the bed anymore than you need to. You fold your arms and legs in the exact same position as before, and shift the blanket into proper position, taking care to bring back any particular folds that were there. Your memory has never been this good before.

But regardless of what you do, something is wrong. The damage has been done. The same spot you place yourself in, is just not as comfortable anymore. Maybe it’s not comfort. Maybe it’s something else. However, something is missing. That something which made this position perfect before, is missing. The spot is no more. A cunning evil has robbed you of it. This evil preys on our worldly responsibilities, to bring us out in the world. It leaves our “home” vulnerable, and during this time, the evil robs it of it’s magic. Once we return to our ravaged spot, we are disgusted. It’s not the same; a poor copy of the bliss that came before. The damage has been done well.

In my history of having met this foe, I have yet to win a battle amongst our countless encounters. We can resist it, but eventually it always wins. No matter how quick or nimble you are, this evil always manages to do its damage before you can reclaim your prize. Maybe it’s a battle that you can’t ever win. Well that just sucks.

If anyone has managed to defeat this evil, tell me your ways!

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