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During a Korean child’s first birthday, a bunch of assorted items are laid out on a table infront of a child, things like string, pencils, rice, and etc. The child’s future is determined by the first couple of objects he or she grabs. Curious, I asked my mum what item I grabbed during this event. She told me that I grabbed money. I forgot to ask her what I grabbed next.

If a child picks money, it means that he or she will be rich. I wonder when this future kicks in for me.

Update: Asked my mum again for the 2nd item. It was string, which represents long life. So in the end, I don’t think I’ll be seeing whether my fortunes will come true for a long time. Hopefully not too long for the money part. 😉

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Hey, I’m old now.

spotTurned 21 this past Friday, February 8th. Doesn’t feel too different from being 20. I guess the shock hasn’t kicked in yet.

What shock, you ask? You know, the whole “WOOO I’m 21!! YEAAAHHH!” shock. It’s prolly an alcohol related feeling, finally being able to purchase your own booze. It’s not like I’ve never tasted the stuff before (omg I’m a criminal), so I wasn’t too elated over the whole deal. “But you’re 21 now! It’s different,” says some of my friends. Meh, I guess. Am I opposed to drinking copious amounts of beer and liquor? No, not at all. It was just that the person I would have liked to get bubbly with was far away. I told everyone that I wanted lots and lots of sweet, deadly cake. “Eh, cake? But you’re 21!” was the general reaction. A birthday is a great time to get cake, no?

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