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Pirates be after me booty.

Unfortunately, not the Keira Knightley type of pirate.

stolen from Imdb

The pirates which have plagued me this week and the past week are much more angry. The little brutes responsible for my recent string of bites along my arms and legs are small winged insects, aptly named Pirate bugs. Normally, they are a boon to gardeners and farmers alike, as they go around hunting pests like aphids and mites. But apparently, around this time of the year as Summer really dies down, these normally calm insects go crazy and begin biting everything they can.

They’re about the size of gnats, so you can imagine my surprise when I thought the gnats were going crazy and rabid. Upon closer inspection, you notice these non-gnats pack a giant stabby thing which hurts. They leave small itchy red bumps which annoy me. Another thing you notice is that they usually don’t fly away after having bit you, giving you plenty of time to swear, apprehend and squish between your fingers. How can you fend off the enemy which fears not death?

This Summer, they’ve been especially bad, so I’m eagerly awaiting the first frost to knock them all out.

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