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On Wine

What is good wine? When I took my first sip of a red wine, I was expecting something that resembled grape juice and alcohol. Instead, my tongue met an angry concoction that tasted like burning rubber soles. I don’t taste the grapes anymore. I smell that grapes USED to be part of the drink, but over time have been changed into something that resembles drain run off after some acid rain.

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I’m a Chinese food noob.

I’ve always hated calling those fried dumplings “Pot stickers.” I’d always correct people, and tell them to call it, 만두 mandu, 餃子 gyoza, or jiaozi, as I always thought the term “potsticker” to be a dumb English term. What I found out, is that fried dumplings have another name, 鍋貼 guotie. What I also learned is that guotie does indeed mean “potsticker”. So all this time, I’ve been an ignorant hypocrite. Gah, image down. 🙁

To anyone I’ve scolded in the past, 對不起。

In other news: I got links to show.

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去Taiwan旅行 Day 1 Part 1

I’m still in Taiwan right now, by the way.

The day I left for Taiwan was rather enjoyable. I was over at Daphu’s aunt’s house in the morning, before heading off together to Anju’s house. Anju’s parents treated us to a happy lunch and dinner over at their restaurant. Maybe pictures will come later. We flew out of O’Hare with American (NEVER RIDE AMERICAN EVAR) and met up with another friend, Joe, over in LA.

After some loitering, we boarded the plane which would ferry us over to Taiwan.

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