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Board Gaming

Played Risk: LOTR Edition this past Mondy. I was on the forces of evil along with another friends, and we got owned horribly. That’s the problem with movies you see, the baddies always lose. So apparently, the odds were already stacked against me. It wasn’t that I sucked ass, the game just was biased. Of course, of course.

Played some Clue Tuesdy night. Haven’t played in a while. Played as Miss Peach and I was the one to make the correct accusation. Turns out I was the killer. Now in a real life context, since I won, would this mean I get away with the crime or kill everyone? Seeing as how if you make an incorrect accusation you lose (die) the game, I figured if the killer wins the game, naturally he/she’d kill everyone.

I also find the fact the killer doesn’t know he is the killer ’till the very end. The killer is so good, he doesn’t even know he did it. Thats Qrazy.

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Throughly Distracted.

Hello all, as of late I have been slowing down on my updates.

It is not my fault. Fallout 3 and Dead Space have been distracting me from my other duties, and doing a damn good job of it. You can argue the point that no one is forcing me to play, but then again, you prolly don’t own either of these games.

I have some comics pending, so keep an eye out for those. (lies. all lies.)

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The Coolest Dota Hero.

Yes, I play the Dotas. Being the geek that I am, I’ve been playing for quite some time now. With my great wisdom over the years, as of Dota version 6.57b, I can say with great confidence that the Invoker is the ultimate hero. Maybe not the ultimate, but at least pretty darn close.

Unfortunately, this is a rather long post, so if you are not into Dota, I suggest you do not read this. (Sorry, I’ll will return with some witty litany at a later time.)

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