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Google Games

On Satday, the 14th of April, UIUC hosted the first ever Google Games event over at the Siebel Center. It was intense. Google Games was comprised of three games, with 16 teams of five competing against each other. The first “game” was a series of puzzles, the second was a Wii sports competition, and the third was a Lego bridge building contest. Although anyone could participate, Google advertised only to the CS and Engineering departments.

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So, if you glance over to the right hand side, you’ll notice a (possibly ugly) ad from Google beneath the sidebar. Whereas the ads on top and left hand side are not click-based, the Google ones are. Not that I’m saying CLICK THEM PLEASE OMG PLEASE CLICK THEM LIKE MAD CLICK CLICK, just thought I’d let you guys know.

I’m gonna try some things to see if I can get my hosting costs, (which aren’t too terrible,) covered by ads I place here and there. In a few days, I’ll have hit a full year of ads (project wonderful) and I’ll post a report here to show you guys how much I managed to earn. It’s more than $0. 🙂

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