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The glory days are gone…

So yeah, there was some interest in seeing my glorious locks, so after much laziness, here it is. This is prolly a month or so before I took myself to a salon to get it snipped down.

It’s the longest I’ve ever had it. Can I pull off the look? Heh prolly not. I think growing my hair out was a result of part laziness and part wanting to know what I could do with long hair. Apparently, not much. After having grown out my hair to such lengths, I didn’t know how I would style it, or whether or not such a thing was possible or not. Perhaps I’ll try it again in the future, but for now, I’ll need to shed some of this mane for the summer heat.

At the time, I thought my comic rendition of myself was decently accurate. Right now my hair is still on the longer side, but I’ll prolly get it snipped again in a couple of weeks. I don’t have a photo of my current self, (nor do I feel like taking one,) but my recent comics should be a good judge of that. 🙂

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