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My Google Interview Experience

Apparently I had forgotten to post this. I was almost done, but I think I was originally planning to post some drawings as well. Was reminded of it recently because of a friend applying for the same position. I just finished it up, minus the drawings I had planned on. I may add those later. Enjoy! For those of you just looking for interview-specific information, apologies. This is a blog post after all.

Oh and by the way, this is a VERY LONG POST.

(I signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement, so unfortunately it won’t be extra juicy.)

The Timeline:

    May 20th: Friend informs me of Google position
    May 31st: Submitted application to Google
    June 8th: Received request for phone interview
    June 14th: Phone interview with network engineer
    June 15th: Received request for onsite interview
    June 24th: Confirmed flight and hotel stay
    June 29th: Attended onsite interview in NYC
    July 14th: Golden wings melted. Fell from the heavens.

So, that’s essentially what’s been going on the past several weeks. In May, my friend Ben told me of a position available on the Google Jobs site. I read the details, and promptly forgot about it. I looked up the position again and decided I would just give it a shot, thinking I’d humor myself even though a place like Google would never hire me.

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