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Playin’ the stocks

I’ve recently started investing money in the stock market. I made my first real trade February 19th of this year and have been fiddling around since. There’s not too much to say at this point, except that even with all its risk, I’ve still managed to earn a lot more in stocks than any bank savings account ever could. I don’t have a great huge sum invested, but it’s certainly (a few thousand dollars) sizable.


Now if you’ll look at the crummy (I could’ve made a shiny one, but I feel this gives it that “homey” touch.) graph I drew, you’ll see my progress marked every 15 days or so. While this doesn’t paint you the complete picture of how well or bad I’ve been doing, you should be able to see that I’ve certainly done well for myself. The S&P 500 is an index of companies which supposedly paints the most accurate picture of the status of United States’ stock market. For those of you who’ve been keeping up with the news, you should know that right now is not a happy time for the US economy/stocks. The housing bubble exploded around October/November, and its effects have had widespread negative effect throughout all the areas of the US economy.

What was I thinking, investing at a time like this? I saw a great opportunity, that’s what. About 22% in a month and a half. Not bad, eh? It would’ve been around 40% if I hadn’t made an angry trade yesterday, but that’s water under the bridge. I’ve made more in a month or so than I would have earned with a savings account for a couple years. I’ve been meaning to invest into stocks for a long time, but external factors kept me from doing so. My boss’ own trading activities piqued my interest, and that along with my disposable income thats been sitting, I figured I should give it a try myself.

Now that I’m a veteran of a month and a half, (laff) I’ll try to share what I’ve learned in a later post. Until then, I hope to become very rich. Wish me luck.

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Things to spend my money on.

So, now that I’ve successfully graduated and leveled up, I think it’s time to start buyin’ some stuff. There’s been a lot of things I’ve been pushing off, but I figure there’s no point in dilly-dallying any longer.

    A Messenger Bag – My current one has served me well for the past 6+ years, but I think it’s time to bury the thing. I’m thinking dark brown canvas, with clasps. No buttons, no velcro. Single pouch on the inside, with a spot for pencils. Sexy enough?
    Wallet – My red nylon velcro wallet. How I loved it so. It’s been with me close to 15 years, I think. I think I’ll get another one of the same kind. Leather? Pfft. And I prefer bifold over trifold.
    Fitted Shirts – I’ve decided to try and wear shirt and tie to work, to distinguish myself from the other youngsters. Don’t know if I’ll follow through with it, but at least I’ll have a sexier wardrobe. Heh. Buying regular dress shirts tend to be nicer on my wallet, but they tend to have too much fabric at the bottom and sleeve. I’d prefer a sleek look so that I can wear it casually if I chose to do so. And this way, I’ll have something to wear when I prey on young college kids. (Because, I’m like so old.)
    Ties – For the above reason. And it helps you vary your outfit to a greater degree. Nice ties don’t have to be expensive!
    Pants – Well, I don’t have any. I love shorts too much.
    Work Laptop – Not my money, but… Apparently I get to buy equipment for myself! Yay employment!
    Furniture – Planning to rent from my bosses? new house. Cheap rent, but unfurnished. Wish there was an IKEA nearby.
    A nice wife – One that likes eating yummy things hopefully.

And maybe even…

    A scooter – Always wanted one, so why not?

Things bought already:

    Camera – Now I can stalk the young college populace like a true voyeur. 🙂
    Vegas Tix – Time to spend all my money away!

So yeah, I’m feeling pretty good, and hopefully my money will be around too. I’ll see how it goes.

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