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Life a bit bland? Add some Paprika.

paprika.jpgWatched Satoshi Kon’s 2006 movie Paprika at a local art theatre. It was about an hour and a half long, with subtitles running along the bottom. The story flows well, and the animation is happy.

I like the art style of his movies, and they appeal to me more so than Miyazaki’s work. (Not that I don’t like Hayao Miyazaki movies) This movie did give me some Miyazaki vibes during the parade sequences with all the characters involved. Satoshi Kon has also directed: Perfect Blue D:, Millenium Actress, and Tokyo Godfathers.

Anyway, I watched it, enjoyed it, and thought enough to write about it. So go watch it.

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It’s Todd now.

toddWatched Sweeney Todd this past Friday. When I entered the theater and took my seat, I wasn’t expecting much from the film. (Johnny Depp sings? Laff.) Surprisingly, I found this movie much more entertaining than the intial credit I gave it. While as a musical, it was just okay, it was still a great movie overall. I’m pretty tone deaf, so I can’t judge the singing, but I know enough to say I wasn’t blown away by it. The look was very Burton-esque and fit the movie well, although there were times I wanted to see some blue or green in the midst of all that gray.

There is a lot of blood. The happy kind, not the guts in your face kind. (Unless that stuff gives you the jollies, you sick bastard!) It’s not a gorey movie, so you shouldn’t be worried about being grossed out. The movie definitely has it’s moments, and there were plenty of times the entire audience gave a laugh. The part where Mrs. Lovett imagines scenes of the future with Todd is win. Johnny Depp tends to play “odd” characters, and I guess he must have a knack for them, as he plays his role in this film quite well.

Anyway, it’s a fun movie. Go watch it, even if you don’t typically like musicals.

Side: I saw a trailer for Mamma Mia! (musical based off ABBA songs) before Sweeney Todd started. Saw the actual musical over in NYC and thought it was pretty good. Is it just me, or have movies adapted from musicals started to pop up more often? Seems like after Chicago, they are becoming more popular to film.

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There Will Be Blood.

blood Watched ‘There Will Be Blood‘ over this past weekend at Boardman’s, the local art theatre.

Simply astounding. It was a great movie. It is a longer film than most, being over two and a half hours long, but the pacing is solid and the movie flows by quickly. The music is powerful, and maintains a perfect tension throughout the scenes. The camera work captures the scenes well and allows us to focus on important points while being able to portray the conditions and the time of the movie. All of these factors were great and all, but…

Daniel Day-Lewis. My goodness. What an amazing awe-inspiring performance. I don’t remember seeing him in too many movies besides ‘Gangs Of New York’ and ‘The Crucible’ (Bill the Butcher and John Proctor), but my goodness, he plays his role like no other. In this movie, he is an absolute master. You can feel his delight, his greed, and his rage as if you were standing right next to him in the scene. You will not like his character, but at the same time, you can not keep your eyes off of him. Godmode. That’s all I can say.

Watch it and believe. There will be blood.

In other news: while I was watching the movie, I sat next to Roger Ebert’s cousin Tim. Talked with him for a while before the movie started. Seemed like a nice guy but he was a bit show-offy with the fact that he was Ebert’s cousin. He was wearing an Ebert hat, and a Siskel and Ebert jacket. I enjoyed talking with him for the most part, except for the occasional blasts of halitosis.

For those of you who don’t know, Roger Ebert holds the “Overlooked Film Festival” here in Champaign, IL every year. This April, Ebert will host be the 10th one.

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