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2010 New Year’s Resolution

It’s nothing fancy. But this year, I have two resolutions to aim for this coming year.

The first, is to have NO DIARRHEA. None. Not at all. Not a single nutty drop. The reason I have this odd goal here is because during the past year, I was hit by a bout of food poisoning not once, but twice. The first was due to a pork roast I prepared incorrectly. Oh lordy. The days that followed were TERRIBLE. The second time came a bit before Thanksgiving, at a local Mexican restaurant. I blame the chicken. Wasn’t as bad as the previous incident, but still wasn’t fun. All in all, I do not want to repeat that again. I do not want to experience anything remotely like it again.

So yes. There’s that, and my second (unfortunately) more realistic resolution is to take another firm step towards a more fulfilling job, and ultimately better life.

But alas, I must leave. Being the nerd that I am, to go play board games. 🙂 More later.

EDIT: I’m back. So I have a couple things in mind. If I am offered a better position here on campus, I’ll prolly take it. If not, I’ll have to look elsewhere. I don’t know the sort of work I’d like to end up in, so I’ll prolly have to do some soul searching. On the inside, I think I already know that I’ll never really quite enjoy doing same work over and over again. I need change. Not radical, but still something. I’d like to get something of my own started, and hopefully I’ll be able to take steps in that direction during this year. Toodles.

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