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2011 New Year’s Resolution

Another year flies by. It only gets quicker each time!

So, if you remember this, Here’s the status on that:

I failed #1. Failed in a couple of months. Greasy Chinese food was the likely culprit. 🙁

As for #2, I’m still in the same position over at the university. That being said, I did get a raise, so it makes up for it a bit. (No one else on campus got raises-eek.) Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy my work and I enjoy who I work with. I’m not complaining about that. I just want something that more fulfilling and exciting, before I get the old man syndrome and get tethered to a particular lifestyle. Luckily, I live in the Midwest. Each Winter day reminds me why I want to leave. I figure, I’ve lived about 20 (approaching 21) years in the Midwest. I’m due for a change. I should be able to enjoy a climate controlled area for once. None of this 100% humidity summer, below freezing winter nonsense!

In addition, I had a 3rd resolution that I didn’t mention. I wanted to lose some weight. I had a lot of things on my mind towards the end of 2009, and the stress kept piling on. And boy, the stress hit my metabolism hard. I racked on a considerable amount of weight. In the last few of months of 2009, I gained over 15 pounds, most of which was BEFORE Thanksgiving and Winter Break. Generally I’m a happy person, and apparently (for me,) being happy = burning more calories. I peaked at about 183 pounds, and I felt heavy.

And so, in 2010, after willing myself to be happier and more content, and with the aid of the local gym, I’ve dropped down to 174 pounds. I’ve lost fat, and gained a few pounds of awesomeness. No, I’m not buff. But I won’t be embarrassed at the beach either. (Well, maybe a little bit.)

For 2011, I want to continue that trend. Therefore, here are my resolutions for 2011:

Lose some more weight, gain more sexiness.
Find a better job, somewhere warm!
Read more awesome books.
Draw more comics.

And about them comics… sorry. I’ve been distracted. Blame Bioware! Finished Mass Effect 2 recently. Very enjoyable. Looking forward to the 3rd game. And minecraft. It kindles the designer blood in me. bleh.

2007 AND 2008 Total Comics: 55
2009 Total: 75
2010 Total: 63

Bleh. My rate went down.

AND SO, I’LL SAY IT NOW: I will draw NO LESS than 100 comics this year. Yes, you read right. One Hundred. That is one every 3.65 days.

The game is ON!!!!

2012 New Year’s Resolutions

Here’s the old one:

1. I have indeed lost more weight. Went as low as 163, but currently hovering around 168. MINOR SUCCESS.
2. I technically got a couple new “jobs” but I’m still at the university. Cold cold winterland. 🙁 FAILURE.
3. I did read some pretty awesome books in the past year. I’ll prolly post something about them at some point. (No I won’t.) SUCCESS!
4. I drew more comics. SUCCESS? But nowhere near a hundred. I counted, and it looks like I hit 72 this past year. FAILURE.

I could probably afford to lose more weight. I should really do some more exercise. My current goal is to hit 150 pounds, and once I do that, figure out a comfortable weight for myself. IM SO FAT.

And I had a good excuse (not really) for not drawing those comics. I’ve been drawing illustrations for the local student newspaper, so I had exhausted my artistic intentions meant for comic-ing. I drew 52 of them, so that’s worth something, no? But yeah. I’d like to draw more comics. In fact, I’d almost like to do away with these posts and pretty much publish my blog exclusively through pretty pictures. Unfortunately, it’s much easier to say, “That guy sucks major goat balls,” than to depict it in comic form.

So, time for a new set. One I’ll hopefully be more diligent at:

1. Lose more weight, reach 150 lbs. Gain sexiness.
2. Achieve my long-time goal of 100 consecutive pushups.
3. Find a new job darn it! And somewhere awesome!
4. Draw more comics. (Let’s go for a hundred again.)
5. Earn a hundred dollars using my creative talents.

So once again, THE GAME IS ON.