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Korean Discipline

As I was working on my History page, I couldn’t help but sift through my comics at my old site. There was a 2 part 14 comic long segment called “Korean Discipline” in ’04 and ’05. Essentially they are just one shot comics involving a father and his son. At the time of creation, my friends found it deathly funny, and I still find them pretty amusing. I’ve decided to post them here so they aren’t lost to the dark corners of the internets. Enjoy.

By the way, in no way do these comics reflect my life. Honest.

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AP Physics Truebums

Occasionally I like to take at look at my old comic strip True Bums. It makes me realize how not funny I was.

However, such strips as the following, also make me realize how much of a genius I was. Now that I look back on some of my earlier work, I can see how clever I was. These are from November 2005, around finals during high school.

Each comic ends with a punchline. Previous comic sets up the next. Dynamic poses. Use of foreground and background. Plot ties in with AP Physics. Inside humor without being terribly nerdy. (I hope)

This is quality I hope to regain some day.