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Drawing people with breasts

Women that is. (Or large fat men.) Luckily for your eyes, I’m dealing with the former.

I don’t know if people utilize “wire frames” for drawing people, but all I personally just start with a circle. For the head. I guess a frame would help out my anatomical proportions, but I’m lazy.

So first up, you have a circle. Nowadays I start every picture with one. Sometimes it looks like didn’t even need it. Like this picture below. Maybe it’s a force of habit, but I still think it helps me size things up.

workbody01.jpg workbody02.jpg


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Drawing people with breasts – 2

So, here’s some more. (No, I’m not drawing fat men.) Although I think I could develop faces on my own, for this post and the one before, I used a photo reference for the face. It helps to have a proper model to get the proper perspective on the eyes. You can also steal lighting schemes from photos and save yourself a lot of trouble. As for the bodies themselves, they are the products of my sick, twisted imagination. How do I find clothing/color suggestions? The outside world, for one. Time to time, an outfit will catch my attention and sometimes I’ll remember it long enough to scribble it somewhere.

Anyway, here we are. I started out with a circle again, plopped in a head of sorts, and gave a preliminary sketch for the body. You can also see some of my eye failures concepts at the top. Funny thing is, I was starting out with a guy first. I ended up with a girl. Fail. It happens. One second you’re drawing a turtle, the next you have a toaster.



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Drawing people with breasts – 3

So, once again I feel the urge to doodle, so here I am. I usually draw 3/4 profiles, so I’ve decided to challenge myself and draw one facing forward. It’s not that much different from the previous ones, except that now, symmetry is a bit of an important factor. This time, I’m actually not drawing the picture yet, so I’ll be updating this post over the course of (hopefully) a couple of days.

Anyways, like always I start out with a circle. This time, I imagine she’ll be facing ever so slightly downwards, meaning that more of the top of the head will show. Why is she holding the phone like that? I don’t know. It seemed appropriate at the time.


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Awkhard Hand

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