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Free Burrito Day!

If you live in the Shampoo-Banana area, the local Chipotle is giving away free burritos. It’s your chance to pick up a free lunch. All you need to do is brave the lines. While you’re there, you might as well pick up your dinner, 2nd dinner, and midnight snack as well. Happy hunting!

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Oh schnaps! I be a poet.

For my Japanese lit class, we wrote 5 tanka poems for an assignment. Tanka poems have five lines, following a 5-7-5-7-7 syllable count.

There were five catagories we had to write our poems on: The harvest, Love, Return to school, Equinox, and Falling leaves. Guess which ones of mine belong in which catagory.

Summer warmth has left
blown away by cold Fall winds
The ever present
homework returns to torment
those who wish the Sun return

Your sweet golden skin,
Too hot for mere hands to touch
Glistening red flesh,
My eager blade reveals you
Sensual taste, cherry pie

I know you like that innuendo. 😉

Firm and delightful
My hands extend to receive
Graced with your presence,
Your sweet scent fills me with warmth
A taste beyond expression

Laying hand in hand
warm colors rain from above
An autumn carpet
softly supports our embrace
Is this truly not a dream?

The days grow shorter
Sharp winds blow relentlessly
to bring forth the moon
Under it’s cold silent gaze
I long for your sunny warmth

I am the poet, but what is a poet without his muse?

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Junior Year 50% Completo!

I’m done with finals. rawr! In the end, I must say, this semester went by real quick, even quicker than the previous ones. I don’t even think it was as much fun as the previous one either. In fact, it was a bit angry.

Anyway, some news: I’ve upgraded to the latest version of Comicpress, which has tag support! You can see the tag cloud over in the sidebar menu. Now you can see related (or what I deem related) posts to all your favorite topics. Fancy, no? Feel free to bring up any suggestions for taggings.

Some other news: A comic of mine has been Digg’d Dugg!

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