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So the other day, I met the creator of the internet.

My school hosted a talk on April 10th with Vinton Cerf, one of the creators of the internet, and current Chief Internet Evangelist over at Google.

According to UIUC, “Dr. Cerf is widely known as one of the founders of the Internet and as the co-designer of the TCP/IP protocol – the communications protocol that gave birth to the Internet and is commonly used today.”

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Webby Tips you prolly know already

I’ve learned most of these “tricks” not so long ago. None of these are impressive, but maybe there’s a small chance you’ve been living under an e-rock like I have and didn’t know about it.

  • F5 refreshes the page. F6 highlights the address bar.
    F5 is something everyone should use, hands down. F6 has it’s obvious uses. You don’t have to struggle with trying to highlight the address yourself. (Sometimes the icon at the address bar works funky.)
  • Shift+Clicking on a link will open the link in a new window.
    I’ve prolly known about this and the one above the longest.
  • Clicking on a link with the mouse wheel will open a link in a new tab. Clicking on an existing tab will close it. (IE7, Firefox2+)
    This is something I actually found out within this past year. Yeah, I know it’s silly, but I’ve been using just IE6 for the longest time, and never really used tabs in browsers. E-fail.
  • Shift+Tab takes you to the previous option.
    Everybody knows what the Tab key does. This, on the other hand, I’ve found that some people were unaware.
  • Ctrl+Enter adds “http://www.” and “.com” to what you type in the address bar.
    I don’t use this quite so often, but it has it’s uses. For example, you could type “soursprite” in the address bar, and Ctrl+Enter will bring you to this website. Saves you an entire three keystrokes!
  • Very unimpressive, I know. But there are people who actually don’t know these things. Hey! Don’t look at me like that.

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    Vote for Change!

    Finally, people realize me for the phenomenon I am.

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    AIDS owned.

    AIDS, in my opinion, has already been defeated. With the medications we have available, we can maintain an HIV infected person’s life indefinitely so that he/she can enjoy a nominally long life. In fact, HIV positive can give birth to children without passing it down. Since it fails to kill us, HIV as a virus has failed.

    Now, we can get rid of it completely. The final hour is at hand!

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    It aint whoring if you do it for free!

    This weekend, I’ll be selling my body for the benefit of J-Net, a club on campus. We are taking on the role of a host or hostess as shown in the anime Ouran High School Host Club.

    You can look at the bios of each of the hosts/hostesses on the website. Obviously, I’m the host with the most number of retarded poses. Rofl. Kudos if you know where I grabbed my info from.

    So I guess if you’re in the mood for something not quite sleazy but close, feel to come to the AACC on Feb 21, @ 7:00 and spend your money on me. I can make you feel sleazy as much as you want. The cheesiness is free.

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