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Apparently I’ve lost some weight. Can you notice it? Prolly not, as my figure is more or less the same. But its a bit surprising, considering I’ve been eating lots. Like small children lots.

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Glorious, Glorious Doom

It’s Halloween season. Meaning, every office in this building I work in will have bowls of candy.


As of Friday, the 24th, I have consumed 4 cookies, 2 almond joys, and 1 bag of whoppers. Doomed I tell ya, doomed!

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Slowly, Imperceptibly, but Surely…

I’m getting thinner. Weight’s still the same though. I’ve managed to slim my waist just enough so that my pant legs have started dragging along the ground. Kinda sucks that I noticed this after the damage was already done. D’oh.

And as for my birthday, I was baked a yummy key lime pie. I also got a juicer and a bag of carrots. Hah. Amusing.

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